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News in 2006

  • 2006-12-23 release 0.1 of nss-ldapd
    This is the first public release of nss-ldapd. It should be a drop-in replacement for nss_ldap. This release should be mostly usable but has not undergone enough testing yet to be used in production environments.
    changes from nss_ldap 251:
    • fork from the nss_ldap which was originally written by Luke Howard of PADL Software Pty Ltd. changing package name to nss-ldapd and versioning scheme
    • the functionality was split into a thin NSS library and a simple daemon proxying the requests to the LDAP server (see README for rationale)
    • a lot of dead and old compatibility code was removed (about 25% of the code was removed) (more simplifications to come)
    • the test code was rewritten
    • build script simplifications
    • default configuration file has been changed to /etc/nss-ldapd.conf
    • most documentation has been updated and rewritten
    • dropped support for non-glibc NSS interfaces and assumed OpenLDAP compatible library
    Get this release from the downloads section.
    There may be portability issues. Please report any failures on supported platforms. Compatibility code for other platforms will be re-added in later releases.
    I would like to thank my employer, West Consulting for allowing me to spend some time on this.
  • 2006-12-06 first basic version complete
    With the addition of network name lookups all NSS databases should be supported now. Server threading has been implemented in a fist basic version and the build scripts have been cleaned to build something useful.
    An actual test was done in a chroot jail which did not bring to light any major problems. This makes the system almost usable now.
    The most important things that remain to be done:
    • extract configuration code from nss-ldap.c
    • rework server code to not use the intermediate structs
    • packaging (Debian package)
    • write/update documentation
    A basic version can be checked out from svn. See the download section.
  • 2006-11-18 created web page and initial documentation
    The project is underway nicely and most of the NSS code is now finished along with a clean definition of the interface. Supporting more NSS variants with this structure should be relatively simple.
    The code has also been split over a number of directories to make it more manageable. The build infrastructure needs to be changed and the server-end processing needs to be implemented also.
    Another big issue is that I would like to clean up the whole LDAP code. The current code is not very clear and I would like to simplify things a lot.
    This web page has been created and the documentation section will be filling up with content shortly. Note however that this is still work-in-progress and not yet usable as a NSS module.
  • 2006-10-11 start of work on nss-ldapd
    The project has been started by importing nss_ldap release 251 and applying the Debian patches from 251-5.2. Most of the work is being done in the time of West Consulting, my employer.
    The approach is to take nss-ldapd and to clean up and split the code into two parts. A clean interface between the NSS part and the LDAP part will be defined. The initial release will focus on glibc NSS and OpenLDAP and get rid of the portability code to make things more readable. After the split is done and the code is settled more compatibility will be (re-)added.