Arthur de Jong

Open Source / Free Software developer

Software projects

This is a list of software projects I have worked on or am working on. Some of these are one-off projects but some are also still maintained.

webchat: Simple, secure open source video chat application
The goal is to develop a simple, secure, light-weight and easy to use open source video chat application. The application should work in any modern browser without requiring installation of extra plugins. Hosting the application should only require minimal resources.
munin-plot: Alternative web front-end for Munin
This is an alternative web front-end for Munin. It provides more dynamic graphs while trying to maintain the Munin feature set. It consist of a Python web service that exposes the Munin configuration as JSON and data as CSV and a JavaScript application that plots the information.
nss-pam-ldapd: NSS and PAM modules for lookups using LDAP
NSS and PAM modules that allow your LDAP server to provide unix account/group/host and other information that you would normally get from /etc flat files or NIS. It also allows you to do authentication to an LDAP server.
python-stdnum: Python module to handle standardized numbers and codes
Simple Python library to parse, validate and reformat standard numbers and codes in different formats. This started out as a replacement for pyisbn (which is GPL and was unusable for a certain project) and grew into something more generic.
python-pskc: Python module for handling PSKC files
A Python module to handle Portable Symmetric Key Container (PSKC) files as defined in RFC6030. PSKC files are used to transport and provision symmetric keys to different types of crypto modules, commonly one-time password tokens or other authentication devices.
webcheck: A flexible website checker
A website checking tool for webmasters. It crawls a given website and generates a number of reports. The whole system is pluggable allowing easily adding extra reports and checks.
svn2cl: Generate a Subversion ChangeLog
An XSLT script that generates a classic ChangeLog from a subversion repository. It is partially based on some ideas that I saw on changelog generation but was not completely happy with.
cvsd: A cvs pserver daemon
cvsd is a wrapper program for cvs in pserver mode. It will run 'cvs pserver' under a special uid/gid in a chroot jail for improved security. It is fully configurable through a configuration file and tools are included for setting up a chroot jail.
rl: Randomize Lines
Tool for picking a random line or a number of random lines from a text file or stream. I made this to use in a script to play a random sound from a large collection of audio files.
ldapgdmfaces: Generate faces for gdm from LDAP
Small perl script to extract gdm face files from an LDAP directory.
gnupg-idea: IDEA module for GnuPG
A Debian source package for building IDEA support into GnuPG. Not a very nice solution but one that works for me anyway.
bindery2ldif: Convert a NetWare Bindery to LDIF
Simple Perl script using tools from the ncpfs package to query the NetWare Bindery and export all the data as an LDIF file. It should be possible to import this data into a LDAP server.
This script was written for one-time use, so it's not very polished and you shouldn't expect many updates.

Most projects are available either in Git, Subversion or CVS. Some also have mirrors on Github.