Arthur de Jong

Open Source / Free Software developer

About svn2cl

This is an xsl stylesheet for generating a classic GNU-style ChangeLog from a Subversion repository log. It is made from several changelog-like scripts using common XSLT constructs found in different places. This is just my implementation.

I made it because it was the only thing that I missed from CVS after I converted a repository to Subversion. I used cvs2cl before.

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To generate a simple ChangeLog use (in your checked out directory):


To generate the ChangeLog using a custom xslt processor, use something like:

% svn log --xml --verbose | xsltproc svn2cl.xsl - > ChangeLog

Sample output

2004-11-28 00:16  arthur

        *, random.c: make it possible to choose random number
          generator at configure time

2004-11-27 19:56  arthur

        * check sizeof(int) instead of sizeof(int *)

2004-11-26 16:47  arthur

        * ., .cvsignore, debian, debian/.cvsignore: remove cvsignore files

2004-11-21 16:26  arthur

        * add a BUGS section documenting some of the current

2004-11-21 16:24  arthur

        * also print some extra information in configure run
          (wrote my own test)

2004-11-21 15:06  arthur

        * README: remove section that is now in manual page and some small