Arthur de Jong

Open Source / Free Software developer

Other stuff

This is a list of links to several things I have worked on. Most of these are links to documentation and other stuff I've written or made. Most of it isn't kept up-to-date and is outdated.

Building a catapult
I built a catapult and it was fun. 2011-04-01
How to remove a security tag from clothing
Illustrated guide to removing a security tag from a piece of clothing. 2008-04-13
Simple dropdown menu using only CSS
These are more or less my notes of an effort to implement a very simple dropdown-like menu that only uses HMTL and CSS. 2005-06-09
Crash recovery using debsums
A small document describing a way to recover from disk corruption without a complete reinstall. 2004-11-08
Some nautilus emblems
I've put some of the emblems I use in nautilus online. Just for fun. 2004-08-10
Using WPC54G with Debian
This document describes the steps I used to get my Linksys WPC54G CardBus 802.11g wireless network adapter to work under Debian GNU/Linux. This is really a one-time document that I do not really intend on keeping up-to-date. 2004-05-22
Grades from my computer science study
A list of subjects with grades of my computer science study. 2001-02-23
Graduation project
Documentation, source code, presentation slides and other stuff of my graduation project. AAA concerns Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting where I focused on accounting protocols and applications. Main documentation is in Dutch but java source is documented in English and some English documentation is available. 2001-07-12
FrameworkApplet [nl]
Practicumopdracht om bij het echte Framework een web-based interface te klussen. Later aangevuld met een server-gedeelte. 1999-09-14
Self modifying code [nl]
Een verslag over self modifying code. Self modifying code is een programmeertechniek waarbij tijdens de executie de instructies van het programma door het programma zelf gewijzigd worden. 1998-09-12
A tool for COnstructive COst MOdel calculation. Or in plain English: a simple tool for calculating the amount of effort needed for a specific software product. 1996-05-15