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nslcd(8) manual page


nslcd — local LDAP name service daemon


nslcd [options]


nslcd is a daemon that will do LDAP queries for local processes that want to do user, group and other naming lookups (NSS) or do user authentication, authorisation or password modification (PAM).

nslcd is configured through a configuration file (see nslcd.conf(5)).

See the included README for information on configuring the LDAP server.


nslcd accepts the following options:

-c, --check

Check if the daemon is running. This causes nslcd to return 0 if the daemon is already running and 1 if it is not.

-d, --debug

Enable debugging mode. nslcd will not put itself in the background and sends verbose debugging info to stderr. nslcd will handle connections as usual. This option is for debugging purposes only. Specify this option multiple times to also include more detailed logging from the LDAP library.

-n, --nofork

Do not fork or daemonise and run nslcd in the foreground.

-f, --config FILE

Parse the supplied configuration file in place of the default /etc/nslcd.conf file.

-t, --test

Validate the configuration and exit. This performs syntax checking of the configuration, checks for presence of files referred in the configuration and does some minimal other sanity checking. This causes nslcd to return 0 if the configuration appears valid and 1 if it is not.


Display short help and exit.

-V, --version

Output version information and exit.



Cancel any running queries and exit.


Cause nslcd to retry any failing connections to the LDAP server, regardless of the reconnect_sleeptime and reconnect_retrytime options.


/etc/nslcd.conf - the configuration file (see nslcd.conf(5))

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