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chsh.ldap(1) manual page


chsh.ldap — change login shell in LDAP


chsh.ldap [options] [LOGIN]


The chsh.ldap command can be used to change user's login shell (command interpreter).

The actual change in LDAP is performed by the nslcd daemon and is subject to the access controls configured in the LDAP server.


The options that may be specified to the chsh.ldap command are:

-s, --shell SHELL

The name of the user's new login shell. Setting this field to blank causes the system to select the default login shell.

-l, --list-shells

Print the list of shells found in /etc/shells and exit.

-h, --help

Display short help and exit.

-V, --version

Output version information and exit.

If no option is specified chsh.ldap will prompt the user to enter a value for the shell.


/etc/shells - list of valid login shells

See Also

chsh(1), shells(5), nslcd(8)


This manual was written by Arthur de Jong <>.