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News in 2006

  • 2006-08-20 release 1.0.13 of cvsd
    This release includes some small feature enhancements but is mostly a bugfix release for the 1.0 branch.
    changes since 1.0.12:
    • cvsd-buildroot: further portability improvements on 64 bit platforms
    • added Portuguese debconf translation by Ricardo Silva
    • added warnings and errors on failing to close a socket
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  • 2006-06-01 release 1.0.12 of cvsd
    This is a bugfix release to fix a problem in cvsd-buildroot that was present in 1.0.11.
    changes since 1.0.11:
    • fixes in cvsd-buildroot to not abort on failure of some commands
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  • 2006-05-26 some issues with 1.0.11
    Some issues with release 1.0.11 have been reported. The problems lie in cvsd-buildroot. These problems have been fixed in the cvs repository but some extra checks will be done before a new release. The issue can be worked around by commenting out the
    set -e
    statement in cvsd-buildroot.
    Any more feedback on problems with cvsd-buildroot is very much appreciated (especially on 64-bit systems).
  • 2006-05-24 release 1.0.11 of cvsd
    After another long period of silence, this is mostly a bugfix release for the 1.0 branch.
    changes since 1.0.10:
    • cvsd-buildroot should now install libraries in the same directory structure as on the normal filesystem, resulting in better support for 64 bit systems
    • other small improvements to cvsd-buildroot, including better error handling and not overwriting devices
    • small code improvements
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  • 2006-05-15 cvsd used on
    cvsd is now being used on for anonymous chroot'd pserver access for project repositories.
  • 2006-01-24 cvsd repository available again
    The read-only development repository of cvsd is available again on a new host. To check out cvsd from the new repository:
    cvs -d login
    (just enter an empty password)
    cvs -d co cvsd
    If you have an old checkout of cvsd you can do (inside the checked out directory):
    find . -path '*/CVS/Root' | xargs sed -i 's|^.*$||'
    Note that the host could change again in the future.