Arthur de Jong

Open Source / Free Software developer

BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
0.8grow DN buffer size (f987891 from 0.9)Arthur de Jong7 years
masterSupport minus character in attribute expressionsArthur de Jong8 days
0.9.11commit c4daf27eb3...Arthur de Jong2 years
0.9.10commit bfe06969ae...Arthur de Jong3 years
0.9.9commit fe26b947b9...Arthur de Jong4 years
0.9.8commit 47fd03bc80...Arthur de Jong4 years
0.9.7commit c286bb51ea...Arthur de Jong5 years
0.9.6commit d949bd49cb...Arthur de Jong6 years
0.9.5commit 16fd8c6151...Arthur de Jong7 years
0.9.4commit b3cf0aa256...Arthur de Jong7 years
0.8.14commit 75c59f24c5...Arthur de Jong8 years
0.9.3commit 8f12c15ec9...Arthur de Jong8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 daysSupport minus character in attribute expressionsHEADmasterArthur de Jong2-11/+23
2021-05-26Retry connecting to the first URI after idle_timelimitArthur de Jong1-0/+2
2021-05-26Replace Travis with GitHub actionsArthur de Jong4-54/+77
2021-01-23Add tls_reqsan to check certificate SANArthur de Jong2-13/+62
2021-01-23Add tls_crlfile to check local CRL fileArthur de Jong2-3/+36
2021-01-18Add tls_crlcheck to check Certificate Revocation Listsebastienblavier3-0/+68
2021-01-17Use the provided Python for `make distcheck`Arthur de Jong1-1/+2
2021-01-17Update files from latest automakeArthur de Jong8-105/+150
2020-09-11Fix handling of the pam_authc_ppolicy optionArthur de Jong1-17/+13
2020-04-19Fix typoArthur de Jong1-1/+1