SEPA Identifier of the Creditor (AT-02).

This identifier is indicated in the ISO 20022 data element Creditor Scheme Identification. The creditor can be a legal entity, or an association that is not a legal entity, or a person.

The first two digits contain the ISO country code, the next two are check digits for the ISO 7064 Mod 97, 10 checksum, the next tree contain the Creditor Business Code (or ZZZ if no business code used) and the remainder contains the country-specific identifier.

>>> validate('ES 23 ZZZ 47690558N')
>>> validate('ES2300047690558N')
>>> compact('ES++()+23ZZZ4//7690558N')
>>> calc_check_digits('ESXXZZZ47690558N')

Calculate the check digits that should be put in the number to make it valid. Check digits in the supplied number are ignored.

Convert the AT-02 number to the minimal representation. This strips the number of any valid separators and removes invalid characters.

Check if the number provided is a valid AT-02.

Check if the number provided is a valid AT-02.