pskc2pskc [options] <FILE>


pskc2pskc reads a PSKC file in any of the supported formats, optionally decrypts any encrypted information and outputs a PSKC file in the RFC6030 format, optionally encrypting the file.


-h, --help

Display usage summary.

-V, --version

Display version information.

-o FILE, --output FILE

By default pskc2pskc writes a PSKC file to stdout. This option can be used to save to a file instead.

-p PASS/FILE, --password PASS/FILE, --passwd PASS/FILE

The password to use for decryption. If the argument refers to a file the password is read from the file instead.

-s KEY/FILE, --secret KEY/FILE

A hex encoded encryption key or a file containing the binary (raw data, not encoded) key used for decryption.

--new-password PASS/FILE, --new-passwd PASS/FILE

Output an encrypted PSKC file that is protected with the specified password (or read the password from the file if a file argument was specified).

--new-secret KEY/FILE

Ensure that the output PSKC file is encrypted with the specified key value. The key can be probded as a hex-encoded value or point to a file that contains the binary value of the key.