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* Switch update scripts to beautifulsoup4Arthur de Jong2019-03-104-10/+23
* Add New Zealand bank account numberArthur de Jong2019-03-101-0/+116
* Switch from import-order to isortArthur de Jong2019-03-034-9/+10
* Fix typosArthur de Jong2019-02-171-1/+1
* Add MAC addressArthur de Jong2018-12-291-0/+70
* Get files ready for 1.10 release1.10Arthur de Jong2018-10-141-7/+13
* Get files ready for 1.9 release1.9Arthur de Jong2018-04-141-2/+4
* Correctly split IMSI with multi-length MNCArthur de Jong2018-04-101-2/+3
* Add Austrian postal codeArthur de Jong2018-03-171-0/+102
* Update the flake8 ignore listArthur de Jong2018-02-142-3/+0
* Add support for Belgian IBAN formatArthur de Jong2018-02-102-0/+94
* Get files ready for 1.8 release1.8Arthur de Jong2018-01-031-1/+7
* Move update scripts to own directoryArthur de Jong2018-01-0111-0/+842