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* Fix misleading docstring in se.personnummer get_birth_date()Leon Sandøy2020-03-011-3/+7
* Fix issue with extra plus or minus in se.personnummerArthur de Jong2020-02-121-8/+4
* Handle - and + sign correctly in Swedish PersonnummerAmin Solhizadeh2019-10-131-9/+21
* Use an internal isdigits() function instead of str.isdigit()Arthur de Jong2019-04-293-6/+6
* Add Swedish PersonnummerIlya Vihtinsky2018-12-242-0/+116
* Docstring improvementsArthur de Jong2017-09-112-8/+6
* Add support for SE orgnrTomas Thor Jonsson2015-04-272-7/+78
* Implement validate() for Swedish VAT numbersArthur de Jong2013-06-081-10/+21
* ensure that the module docstrings are in a somewhat more ...Arthur de Jong2012-02-261-3/+4
* give all packages a descriptionArthur de Jong2012-02-191-0/+21
* add a VAT (Moms, Mervärdesskatt, Swedish VAT number) moduleArthur de Jong2012-02-182-0/+55