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* Add tests for the VIES VAT validation functionsArthur de Jong2017-10-222-1/+50
| | | | | | These tests are not normally run as part of the normal test suite and have to be explicitly enabled by setting the ONLINE_TESTS environment variable to avoid overloading these online services.
* Add de Jong2017-10-222-1/+107
| | | | | | This adds functions for querying the Dirección General de Impuestos Internos (DGII) API to check if the RNC and NCF combination provided is valid.
* Add and search_dgii()Arthur de Jong2017-10-223-2/+177
| | | | | | This adds functions for querying the Dirección General de Impuestos Internos (DGII) API to validate the RNC and search the register by keyword.
* Add Dominican Republic receipt number (NCF)Arthur de Jong2017-10-222-0/+241
| | | | | This number does not have a check digit but uses a distinctive enough format that it should not be too great of a problem.
* Cache SOAP client in get_soap_client()Arthur de Jong2017-10-223-43/+26
| | | | | This caches the instantiated SOAP client classes in the util module instead of doing the caching in every module that performs requests.
* Add a script for updating RNC and Cedula whitelistsArthur de Jong2017-10-221-0/+88
* Also add a whitelist for Dominican Republic RNCArthur de Jong2017-10-142-4/+17
| | | | | | Some RNCs are apparently valid while having an incorrect check digit (though most appear to be inactive). There also appear to be valid RNCs that do not have 9 digits.
* Add a few new numbers to the Cedula whitelistArthur de Jong2017-10-142-76/+96
| | | | | | These numbers were found to be valid but had an invalid check digit nonetheless (though most appear to be inactive). Also there appear to be a few valid Cedula that do not have 11 digits.
* Handle unicode arguments in get_cc_module()David Arnold2017-10-142-6/+20
| | | | Closes
* Fix spelling errorsArthur de Jong2017-09-151-3/+3
* Get files ready for 1.7 release1.7Arthur de Jong2017-09-1211-1/+299
* Add example with custom table to DammArthur de Jong2017-09-121-0/+13
* Update database filesArthur de Jong2017-09-115-181/+215
* Update getisbn to allow TLSv1Arthur de Jong2017-09-111-1/+3
| | | | | The site uses TLSv1 which seems to be blocked by recent Python/OpenSSL combinations unless configured otherwise.
* Run flake8 from toxArthur de Jong2017-09-112-1/+26
* Minor code improvements (mostly PEP8)Arthur de Jong2017-09-1114-20/+27
* Make import ordering consistentArthur de Jong2017-09-1118-19/+18
* Docstring improvementsArthur de Jong2017-09-11134-608/+535
* Fix Czech DIČ check digit calculationArthur de Jong2017-09-082-3/+15
| | | | | | | | This fixes a bug in the check digit calculation for the 9-digit numbers that start with a 6 for individuals without a RČ. This also adds a few tests for Czech VAT numbers. See
* Add Estonian RegistrikoodArthur de Jong2017-09-042-0/+232
| | | | | | | | | This is based on what was done by Mohammed Salman of Holvi. This adds more tests and validates the check digit. This uses the check digit algorithm from Isikukood which seems to work with all tested numbers although there is no confirmation that this is the correct algorithm.
* Add support for German tax id numberMohammed Salman2017-09-032-0/+160
* Check bookland code in ISBNArthur de Jong2017-08-302-4/+10
| | | | | | This ensures that an InvalidComponent() exception is raised when an unknown EAN bookland code is found. It will also raise this exception when using to_isbn10() when not using the 978 code.
* Ensure 100% branch coverageArthur de Jong2017-08-288-24/+64
| | | | | | | | | | | This ensures that the tests fail if 100% branch coverage is not achieved. It also adds some pragma statements for code that cannot be covered or is Python version dependent. Furthermore, the get_module_list() function was removed from stdnum.util and more tests were made from stdnum.util and stdnum.numdb. The functionality to call format() in a country-specific IBAN implementation was also dropped because it was not used.
* Add English Unique Pupil Number (UPN)Arthur de Jong2017-08-271-0/+109
* Add Canadian Business Number (BN)Arthur de Jong2017-08-262-0/+231
* Add Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN)Arthur de Jong2017-08-262-0/+101
* Ensure all Python files are in coverage reportArthur de Jong2017-08-241-0/+1
* Implement Finnish individual tax number validationMohammed Salman2017-08-201-0/+74
* Include search term in online formArthur de Jong2017-07-113-4/+7
| | | | | This also makes the Javascript regular expression used for highlighting links the same as the Python equivalent.
* Use slightly more compact codeArthur de Jong2017-06-021-5/+1
| | | | | This changes the alphanumeric to numeric translation to be slightly more compact and slightly faster.
* Add a few ISBNs found onlineArthur de Jong2017-04-161-0/+210
| | | | | This adds a number of ISBNs found online from various sources to the test suite.
* An ISMN can only be 10 or 13 digitsArthur de Jong2017-04-152-5/+23
| | | | This also adds the test that an ISMN should start with 9790.
* Fix conversion of 9 digit ISBN to ISBN13Arthur de Jong2017-04-152-3/+13
* Switch to HTTPS URLsArthur de Jong2017-04-1311-20/+20
* Show possible conversions in online checkArthur de Jong2017-04-133-5/+39
| | | | | This shows possible converted values. For example it will show ISBN13 conversions for ISBN10 values.
* Fix bug in damm.is_valid() functionArthur de Jong2017-04-131-2/+2
* Get files ready for 1.6 release1.6Arthur de Jong2017-04-1112-8/+218
* Update database filesArthur de Jong2017-04-105-216/+320
* Add simple online check exampleArthur de Jong2017-04-106-0/+9494
| | | | | | This adds the code that is used to find formats for which a supplied number is valid. This is the code that is used on
* Add Legal Entity IdentifierArthur de Jong2017-04-102-0/+202
* Integrate base10 conversion into Mod 97, 10Arthur de Jong2017-04-102-23/+19
| | | | | | This moves the conversion of an alphanumeric string to a numeric representation for modulo 97 calculation to the mod_97_10 module because this mechanism seems to be used by multiple formats.
* Add missing export (__all__)Arthur de Jong2017-04-101-2/+2
* Add Serbian Poreski Identifikacioni BrojArthur de Jong2017-04-103-0/+221
* Print warnings during tox runArthur de Jong2017-04-101-0/+2
* Use a slightly more readable weight alternationArthur de Jong2017-04-075-10/+10
| | | | | Switch to a slightly more readable syntax for alternating between two weights in checksums calculations.
* Add European EIC (Energy Identification Code)Arthur de Jong2017-04-012-0/+206
* Add unicode robustness testsArthur de Jong2017-04-012-3/+5
| | | | This tests a few unicode strings and fixes a bug in the MEID module.
* Add test for Ñ in Referencia CatastralArthur de Jong2017-04-012-5/+36
| | | | | | | | | | | This supports the Referencia Catastral with an Ñ in it for both byte strings (Python 2) and unicode strings (Python 2 and 3). Support for literal unicode strings in Python 2 doctests is flaky so the test is a bit ugly. This also adds a few numbers that were found online. Sadly no real numbers with an Ñ in it have been found so the one in the test was constructed.
* Add European NACE classificationArthur de Jong2017-03-264-2/+1184
| | | | | This number is used to classify business. Validation is done based on a downloaded registry.
* Remove unused importArthur de Jong2017-03-261-1/+0