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* define and export an _nss_ldap_version symbol (3155cdf an...Arthur de Jong2013-04-281-1/+8
* implement a global symbol inside the NSS module to allow ...Arthur de Jong2010-06-141-0/+22
* refactor protocol reading and writing macros to the commo...Arthur de Jong2009-05-211-91/+0
* increase write buffer size in nslcd to free up threads ea...Arthur de Jong2008-06-061-2/+8
* grow the read buffer maximum size to 2Mbyte to allow for ...Arthur de Jong2008-05-161-1/+1
* increase time out values because now nslcd will error out...Arthur de Jong2008-04-261-3/+3
* implement resizable I/O buffers and tune buffer sizes to ...Arthur de Jong2008-02-121-1/+9
* remove the nslcd2nss() function because it's not needed w...Arthur de Jong2008-02-011-12/+0
* when including stdint.h check if we actually have itArthur de Jong2008-01-271-0/+2
* remove NSLCD_RESULT_UNAVAIL because it's not needed anymo...Arthur de Jong2007-12-251-2/+1
* some small improvements to the code based on some source ...Arthur de Jong2007-09-231-1/+4
* implement our own stdio-like library that handles IO with...Arthur de Jong2007-06-091-4/+11
* code improvements by making type casts explicit, flagging...Arthur de Jong2007-03-041-4/+4
* change license from GNU Library General Public License v....Arthur de Jong2007-01-091-7/+7
* fix indentationArthur de Jong2006-12-081-1/+1
* get rid of nslcd-client.{c,h} and move it to nss/common.{...Arthur de Jong2006-11-271-0/+37
* rename some constants and switch to a more sane naming sc...Arthur de Jong2006-11-021-3/+3
* make code consistent by adding headers, removing trailing...Arthur de Jong2006-10-311-2/+24
* clear up protocol macros while implementing getpwuid() an...Arthur de Jong2006-10-311-1/+0
* add some basic minimal NSS code that can be generated fro...Arthur de Jong2006-10-251-0/+20