AAA Resources on the web (links)

This page contains several links to sources for AAA information on the web. Most of these links were used in my study in this subject.
Note: these links may not be accurate, since they are not regularly checked.
Note: this is work in progress and not yet complete.


     Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting for the Internet
Internet computing online acticle by Christopher Metz of Cisco Systems about AAA protocols.

     Internet billing starts ticking
Cover Story June 22, 1998 by Frank Barbetta.

Research Groups

     The Internet Engineering Task Force
The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a large open international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet. It is open to any interested individual.
Workgroups of the IETF and other indiduals produce internet-drafts and requests for comments (RFCs).
Mailinglist archive of IETF Announcements such as apearing internet-drafts and RFCs.
Mailinglist archive of the IETF Discussion mailinglist.

     IRTF AAAarch research group
Authentication Authorisation Accounting ARCHitecture Research Group (AAAarch) home page.
Mail archive of the IRTF AAAarch research group.

     IETF Authentication, Authorization and Accounting Working Group
IETF Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (aaa) Working Group charter.
Archive of the IETF AAA Working Group mailing list.

     IETF AAA-BOF Working Group
IETF AAA-BOF Home Page. Seems outdated.


     Remote Authentication Dial In User Service (RADIUS)
RFC 2138 proposed standard describing a protocol for carrying authentication, authorization, and configuration information between a Network Access Server which desires to authenticate its links and a shared Authentication Server.
Internet-draft (draft-ietf-radius-radius-v2-06.txt) describing radius v2.

     RADIUS Accounting
RFC 2138 informational document describing a protocol for carrying accounting information between a Network Access Server and a shared Accounting Server.
Internet-draft (draft-ietf-radius-accounting-v2-05.txt) describing accounting extensions to radius v2.

     RADIUS Whitepaper

     Radius for First-time Users
Cisco document intended to assist the first-time Radius user in setting up and debugging a Radius configuration.

     Index of /doc/radius
A directory containing some documents regarding RADIUS.

     Guarding The Flank With RADIUS & TACACS+

     Cistron RADIUS server, version 1.6.2

     RADIUS for UNIX Administrator's Guide
Lucent Technologies guide for setting up a RADIUS server on a UNIX machine.

     RADIUS for Windows NT Administrator's Guide
Lucent Technologies guide for setting up a RADIUS server on a NT machine.


     DIAMETER Web Page
The official DIAMETER Web Site with the latest information regarding the status of the protocol, the latest Internet-Drafts, and other DIAMETER related presentations.


     MSIX Web Page
Page containing white paper, drafts, etc.

     MSIX Turns on the ISP Meter,1287,3224,00.html
Wired article by Chris Oakes Apr. 17, 1997.

     Compaq And NetCentric Introduce New Metering Spec
ZDNet article by Randy Barrett April 8, 1997.

     There's A Way To Bill Bandwidth Hogs
TechWeb article by Kate Gerwig, InternetWeek, Sept. 22 1997.

     Metered Service Management Protocol Unveiled
ZDNet article by Peter Lambert August 20, 1997.

     Geek of the Week - Alan Blount
Geek of the week, January 25, 1999.

     Alan Blount - MSIX
Mail from Alan Blount to the IETF AAA Working Group mailing list regarding MSIX, July 1, 1999.

     Compaq bids to speed Internet diversification article by Rick Boyd-Merritt.

     NetCentric, Compaq push metering protocol
Infoworld article by Matthew Nelson November 3, 1997 (Vol. 19, Issue 44). (not visible with all browsers).

Unasigned links

     Station Message Detail Recording to Premises

     WTI PollCat Call Accounting SMDR Call Record Buffers

     Merit Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) Server

     Requirements for AAA
Presentation 11/29/1998 by Susan Hares on requirements for AAA.

     Ultimate! Call Accounting

     NTXacs - Windows NT Extended Authentication Control Services

     Extent RBS product family

     QoS in ETSI TIPHON and the Internet

     Tutorial on Internet Monitoring & PingER at SLAC







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